Folexin Review (Updated): Unbiased Expert Opinion

Folexin Review

Folexin Review (Updated): Unbiased Expert Opinion

If you’ve been scouring the internet for information related to hair loss, chances are that you have come across all kinds of “advice.” Unfortunately, some of this information comes from people who don’t even have a clue what they’re talking about.

They don’t know how frustrating it feels when your once healthy mane starts to fall off and there’s (seemingly) nothing you can do about it.

And that’s why in the next few paragraphs we’ll examine the numerous claims made about the Folexin hair regrowth supplement. The product has been hailed as one of the most effective hair loss supplements on the markets currently.

Honestly, that sounds like an overstatement already and that’s why decided to get a bottle of this product and examine it ourselves. Is there an ounce of truth from the reviews shared about it so far? Are there any side effects to be worried about?

Product Name: Folexin
Manufacturer: Vitabalance
Made In: USA (Richmond, Virginia)
Official Website: Website.

Before anything else, since this is more than just a product review, we’d like to take just 5 seconds of your time to educate you a bit about hair loss from a scientific point of view.

Knowledge is power. And the more you learn about this topic, the better the decisions you can make about your future. So, read on.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Folexin review

First off, we’d like to clear the air on the fact that it’s normal to lose a few strands of hair every day. And, therefore, there’s no cause for alarm if you have just spotted a few strands of hair on your brush. But if what you’re looking at when you stare at the mirror is a vivid, bald patch on your head, then chances are that you’re facing alopecia.

Wait, what’s that?

All About Alopecia

As time progress and you advance in age, your body changes. Your hormonal balance may change over time. Sometimes, your genetic make-up might start taking its effects and in worse off cases, and autoimmune disease might start attacking your hair follicles. But once again, there’s no cause for alarm because cases of the autoimmune disease are rarely recorded especially in healthy individuals.

In 99.9% of the cases, the main cause of a hair loss spell is the dormancy of the cells that are responsible for putting the hair follicles together. And in that case, you would face three options in the path to recovery.

Option 1: Hair Regrowth Surgery

This is a pretty expensive procedure which entails the attempt to re-establish lost hair follicles. It’s a rather demanding process and usually, you have to go to the surgeon for several sessions. Yet still, this option often doesn’t establish the root cause of hair loss.

In fact, it’s not unusual to come across stories from people who claim that they continued to lose hair even after undertaking such expensive procedures. But all in all, cosmetic surgery is a valid method of rejuvenating hair growth and we have seen people like Wayne Rooney and David Beckham being alleged to benefit from this option.

Option 2: Leave the Hair to Continue Falling Off

This is a good option for anyone who doesn’t mind staying with a bald head. It’s a good option in the sense that we really encourage everyone to be comfortable in their own skin. If anything the stress of self-denial can easily worsen your hair loss problems.

And so in our view, this is a really good option especially if you’re not really concerned about your personal image.

Option 3: Using Folexin (Foligen) Pills

Folexin FDA approval
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Well, this would be a good option if you want to get to the root of the problem without facing a surgeon’s knife. However, we must admit that Folexin is just a supplement. And as you know, supplements are never perfect. Their results aren’t typical (keep reading to find out why).

What Is Folexin?

This product was previously known as Foligen. So, don’t be surprised if you’re looking for Foligen pills reviews only to find articles talking about Folexin.

Folexin is, simply put, a dietary supplement that’s designed to restore your hair and also prevent it from falling off in the future. In our view, this supplement works best if your hairloss is due to:

  • Stress
  • Age
  • The use of heating irons
  • The sun
  • Damage due to chlorine
  • Hormonal changes
  • Environment changes
  • Unexplained hair loss

Among others.

But no matter the reason behind your baldness, this supplement can always stun you with its ability to get to the root of the problem.

Does Folexin Work?

There are mixed opinions on whether this product works or not. This is a common trend in the use of all supplements. And, therefore, just so your expectations are set right, it’s important to note that supplements may fail to work especially if the root cause they’re meant to address isn’t the cause of the symptoms one experiences.

That’s to say that, Foligen can actually work if you’re experiencing premature hair loss due to changes in hormones, environmental changes, advancing age or the use of harmful hair products.

It may not work in case of a chronic autoimmune sickness or when someone is undergoing chemotherapy sessions.

We think that these differences are the reason why opinions on the efficacy of this supplement are so wide and varied. Ultimately, a majority of those who use this product, going by the latest reviews in 2019, claimed to have experienced the benefits.

That said, it’s worth appreciating that this product works through a natural process. Therefore, it’s not a shortcut to hair restoration. So, if you’re looking for an option that lets you pop a few pills and get your hair back in a few hours, this might not be the formula for you.

In our view, Folexin is best suited for men and women who are willing to take the stairs and not the elevator. The results may take time to show, but once they do, you’ll be more than glad that you were patient enough in the first place.

Before and After Results

Usually, you can begin to expect good results within 10 weeks of using this product. But it’s important to be realistic with what to expect.

First off, you need to take the right dosage and stick to a consistent pattern of daily supplementation (more on that later)

One of the common results of using Foligen (or Folexin as many now know it) is that it leads to the development of a stronger and thicker mane. The supplement enhances your hair structure and also enhances elasticity.

Besides that, it boosts your hair growth rate. This is achieved by increasing blood circulation to the hair follicles. And as you can imagine, with enhanced blood circulation, the hair follicles get the ingredients they need to produce new hair strands faster.

If you still have your hair and only a few small bald patches, you’re likely to notice that your hair will become fuller and thicker. If you have advanced signs of hair loss e.g. a huge bald patch that’s clearly visible for a distance, you’re likely to notice a few strands surfacing randomly within the first 8 weeks.

Unfortunately, the product might appear slow if you’ve been bald for a long time. And that’s because in such cases, the hair roots tend to be dormant meaning that more supplement may be needed.

So, don’t believe in the before and after photos from using Folexin that seem to suggest that it’s an overnight success. Far from it, this is a regimen that requires dedication and commitment to work. And also, the speed at which you’re going to get the result may vary depending on how long you’ve been bald.

Amazon Reviews (Updated)

The product has attracted a mixture of positive and negative reviews on Amazon so far. But we generally like the fact that the positive reviews are more than the negative ones.

Screenshot 1: Shows reviews posted by users who seem to be loving the product so far.

Folexin testimonials on Amazon
Screenshot 2: Shows mixed reviews from customers who generally think they’d like to give the product more time to work.

Amazon reviews of Folexin

How To Take It

Okay, so you need to stick to a dosage of 2 capsules per serving. And with each bottle coming with 60 capsules, that equals a whole month’s supply. And since it takes a minimum of 10 weeks for notable results to show, it means you’ll need at least two bottles to start with.

That sucks! They should have packaged the whole dosage into one bottle if they knew that the minimum it takes to see the result is 120 capsules. I mean, why not just create a full dosage package with a longer guarantee time?

UPDATE: There’s a 10% discount when you order 2 bottles at once. You can find more details here.

Back to the details on the dosage, it’s important to note that you can take the 2 capsules separately or at once. So, there’s no harm in taking one in the morning and another one in the evening or both of them at once.

What’s important is that you take the supplement with food. Please note that. Don’t take Foligen on an empty stomach as it might easily make you feel dizzy or light-headed.

In our view, it works best when taken with a heavy breakfast meal. And also important, remember to take lots of water.

Stick to those dosage requirements and you’re likely to keep off all those harmful side effects that some people talk about. And most importantly, be consistent with the supplementation. You may need to add this to your reminder so you don’t skip the dosage for too long, although there’s no harm with missing a day.

The Full List of Folexin (Foligen) Ingredients

folexin supplement facts

There’s no better way to understand how a product works than by first taking a closer look at its list of ingredients. It’s only by looking at the ingredient’s list that you can compare the details with the latest clinical studies. And that way, you can ascertain whether a product is worth investing in or it’s just spam.


Biotin is what’s popularly known as Vitamin B7 and it is naturally found in the food that we eat e.g. in avocado, meat, and legumes. Basically, a shortage of biotin in the body leads to the weakening of the hair strands which further contributes to hair loss. Therefore, be replenishing your Biotin levels, it’s possible to improve the quality of your hair and also strengthen the hair follicles.

Folic Acid

It’s normal for our natural, folic acid levels in the body to decline as we age. It’s no wonder expectant moms are encouraged to take lots of veggies just to make sure that this all-important nutrient is available for the baby. Health experts are in agreement that folic acid, also known as Vitamin B9, helps improve the level of blood cells in the body. This has a direct correlation with its ability to help improve the supply of oxygen to the hair follicles thereby helping reduce dormancy.


This is the real game-changer in this hair loss supplement. It’s obtained from an ancient Chinese herb which is scientifically known as Polygonum multiflorum. This herb is known for its ability to counter the effects of premature aging and is a common feature in top-tier hair care products.

A study posted in the Pharmacognosy Research journal showed that this particular herb comes with powerful detoxing properties along with the ability to reverse neurodegenerative diseases. So, it’s safe to say that this seems like a really powerful ingredient which we’re glad to see it being a part of Foligen.

Other ingredients on the list include:

Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Calcium Carbonate
Iron Ferrous Fumarate
Vitamin D3
Vitamin E
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B12
Vitamin B5
Magnesium Oxide
Zinc Oxide
Manganese Chelate
Potassium Gluconate
Nettle Root
Barley Glass
Horsetail Extract
Bamboo Extract
Saw Palmetto
Plant Sterols

So, as you can see, this list is 100% made up of natural ingredients. And, therefore, you wouldn’t need to worry so much about any potentially serious side effects arising from using this supplement.


Great packaging

They offer a money-back guarantee package

Awesome customer service

Only contains natural ingredients

No major side effects reported

Can enhance hair growth (results may vary)


Not available in local stores

You can to use it for at least 8 weeks to see its results

Our Verdict On Folexin Use

To this end, we are torn between whether to recommend this product or simply quash it. Why so? Because of the fine print “The results are not typical”. That phrase alone confirms that this product may or may not work for you although from our observations so far most of those who have used seem like a satisfied lot.

In our view and experience, this product tends to work best for minor hair loss or at the earliest sight of symptoms of hair loss. That said, it may not do much if you’ve been bald for a decade or more! So, if you’ve just noticed that you’re becoming bald and are worried that things could get worse, this would be a good product to go for.

It might just provide you with the nutrients you need to keep that mane looking good and healthy for longer. NB: You may click here to check the latest folexin prices.

Editors Note: This article was last updated on 31-July-2019.

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