BlueChew Reviews

Erectile dysfunction or ED is a condition that affects over 12 million men in the United States alone. So, almost every man will deal with this condition at some point in their life. If you’re facing this issue, you’re not alone!

The good news is that nowadays, there are some highly effective remedies for ED. One of them is BlueChew, an online subscription service that offers high-quality ED drugs. Apparently, the drugs are medically tested to provide you with everything you need to get a strong and lasting erection.

So, how does it work? Is it even as effective as it claims? You might want to read our BlueChew review to get the answers to these questions and more.

What Causes ED?

Before we discuss what BlueChew is, let’s first learn what exactly causes erectile dysfunction. Generally, normal ED can be caused by issues with blood flow and nerve supply.

Therefore, it’s always advisable to consult with a doctor if your erection problems persist. This is because it could be a result of a serious medical condition. A proper diagnosis will help address any underlying medical conditions and help resolve your ED.

Some of the common conditions and diseases that may contribute to ED include:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High blood pressure and Parkinson’s disease
  • Heart disease and multiple sclerosis
  • Narrowing of blood vessels
  • Treatments for prostate cancer

Also, narrowing or clogging of arteries in the penis can lead to ED. This clogging is caused by a condition known as atherosclerosis which prevents blood flow to the penis. This makes it almost impossible to have an erection.

Additionally, some prescription drugs can contribute to ED. They include:

  • Medication for controlling high blood pressure
  • Tranquilizers or prescription sedatives
  • Antidepressants and anxiety treatments
  • Some cancer and prostate treatment drugs

In rare cases, erectile dysfunction may be a result of psychological or emotional issues like anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. Other factors include fear of sexual failure, stress, and guilt about certain sexual activities.

BlueChew Review: What It Is

Man Holding Bluechew Packet

Image Courtesy: BlueChew

BlueChew is an online service that provides you with chewable tablets for treating erectile dysfunction. The service is designed for men who don’t like taking pills or going to the doctor’s office but would like to have more confidence in bed.

Basically, each patient is usually reviewed by a medical professional or a licensed physician. The company also provides patient care through its online licensed physicians. This ensures that all your medical-related questions are answered in time.

So, what makes BlueChew different from other companies that offer ED medications, you ask? Unlike other services, BlueChew simply makes getting the ED treatment you need from the comfort of your home. And of course, at affordable prices.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about waiting for appointments, any awkwardness, or even in-person doctor visit.

How Does It Work?

The truth is that BlueChew is one of the many prescription ED drugs available on the market. This means that without a prescription from a medical doctor, you should not try using the medication.

While you can procure prescription drugs over-the-counter, you can also get your prescription online without having to visit a physician in person. This is the case with BlueChew Company. They have an online medical staff that are authorized to access their patient’s medical conditions and then prescribe medicine.

So, how does the medication work? Well, BlueChew offers ED tablets that use the same active ingredients just like Viagra. The only exception is that the tablets are available in a chewable form which means they work faster.

Basically, the tablets help improve blood flow in the body which is one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction.

By enhancing blood flow, the penis is then able to reach a maximum erection for longer periods.

Ingredients List

BlueChew tablets are made from two main ingredients including Sildenafil and Tadalafil. Both of these ingredients are safe if taken as recommended by a medical doctor. That said, let’s take a look at what role each of the compounds plays when it comes to dealing with erectile dysfunction.

  • Sildenafil

Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Viagra that is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. It works by relaxing the muscles of the blood vessels and also increasing blood flow to the penis. This ensures you have a more complete sexual experience.

However, this ingredient does not cause erections. It only makes it easier for blood to flow to the penis and when you are aroused thereby causing an erection. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that Sildenafil could cause a spontaneous erection especially when you’re not aroused.

For best results, you can take Sildenafil up to four hours before engaging in any sexual activity. This is because this ingredient can stay active in your body system for up to six hours.

And you know what the best part is? This medication is FDA approved for treating erectile dysfunction. So, if taken as recommended by the doctor, this ingredient is considered to be generally safe.

  • Tadalafil

Similar to Sildenafil, Tadalafil is a prescription medication for treating ED. It is popularly known as the active ingredient in Cialis. More so, Tadalafil was approved by the FDA as a drug for erectile dysfunction about twenty years ago.

So, how does this ingredient work? Well, it helps prevent the action of a chemical called phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) in your body. As it turns out, if your body produces too much PDE5, blood flow to the penis is reduced.

Therefore, Tadalafil works by blocking the production of PDE5 and restoring its natural balance. This ensures there is sufficient blood flow to the penis following sexual arousal. As a result, it becomes easy to maintain an erection.

But here is the best part; this ingredient works in as little as 30 minutes after taking it. What’s more? It tends to stay in the body for longer compared to other ED drugs like Sildenafil. In most cases, it can stay as long as 36 hours.

This allows you to enjoy sex more spontaneously and over a longer duration of time.

And just like Sildenafil, Tadalafil does not produce erections. It only takes effect once you’re sexually aroused.

Are BlueChew Tablets Legit & Safe?

BlueChewBlueChew tablets are considered to be generally safe when taken according to doctor’s prescription. However, some people still experience a few minor side effects. These effects vary depending on which tablets you are taking.

For instance, if taking Sildenafil, you may experience side effects such as:

  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Stomach upset and diarrhea
  • Nasal congestion
  • Muscle pains

On the other hand, some people experience the following side effects while taking Tadalafil:

  • Prolonged erections
  • Coughing
  • Indigestion
  • Muscle aches and abdominal pain

Pricing, Shipping, & Refund Policy

Both Sildenafil and Tadalafil are available in different subscription plans to choose from. These include Active, Busy, Popular, and Pro plans.

While the prices for both medications are the same, the number of tablets differ. For instance, the Active plan for both Sildenafil and Tadalafil costs $20 per month. However, with Sildenafil, you get six 30mg chewable and four (6mg) tablets for Tadalafil.

The Busy plan, on the other hand, costs $30, the popular plan is $50 while the Pro plan is only $90 per month. Generally, the Busy plan consists of 10 Sildenafil tablets and 7 Tadalafil chewable.

With the Popular plan, you only get 17 Sildenafil chewable tablets and 14 Tadalafil tablets.

So, overall, we can say that Tadalafil medication is more expensive compared to Sildenafil.


As far as shipping is concerned, the company promises to ship your tablets to your door. Also, BlueChew claims to provide discrete packaging. However, currently, they are not offering international shipping. More so, the tablets are not available in some states including Canada, North Dakota, Puerto Rico, Idaho, South Carolina, and Minnesota.

Moving on swiftly, BlueChew does have a great refund policy just in case you are not satisfied with their service.

They claim to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you can get a full refund minus shipping costs if you request it within 30 days from the date of purchase.

Where to Buy BlueChew Tablets

Man's hand holding bluechew pill and satchet

Image Courtesy: BlueChew

There is only one trusted place where you can purchase your BlueChew pills. That is from the company’s official website.

This is because you need a prescription from a medical doctor to use the drugs. And BlueChew has licensed physicians who will prescribe the drugs to you if you’re eligible after the online consultation.

  • Free online consultation
  • Backed by 30-days money-back guarantee
  • All plans include medical support and monthly refills
  • No doctor’s appointments or waiting rooms
  • Made in the USA
  • Contain FDA-approved active ingredients
  • Easy to change your subscription plan or cancel at any time
  • The tablets are sent in discrete packaging
  • Inexpensive and very convenient compared to going to a pharmacy
  • BlueChew does not offer international shipping
  • Both Sildenafil and Tadalafil have potential side effects although mild
  • The tablets are not FDA-approved although the two active ingredients are

What Real Customers of BlueChew Have to Say

All the reviews we encountered on BlueChew’s official website seem to be positive. With most users raving about how effective the tablets are. Here is what some real members on BlueChew site had to say:

“The tablets have really strengthened our relationship. We feel like we are still in the honeymoon phase again.” Donald S.

“BlueChew gives me the assurance that I will perform very well. My girl is happy and we can now make love just the way we like to.” Shaheed C.

However, the service has received mixed reviews on platforms like Reddit. The good news is that most of these reviews are positive.

For the negative reviews, most users seem to complain about the taste of the tablets and side effects like nausea, vomiting, headache, and stuffy nose. So, here are some Reddit reviews about the chewable tablets:

“I took a single pill of Sildenafil and experienced headache and stuffy nose the next morning. However, after two weeks, I broke out in hives.”– u/EarlyMorningSurfer

“Just received my 30 mg Sildenafil tablets. I took the pills and the taste is horrible. I was nearly about to spit out. And 10 minutes later, I can still feel the after taste in my mouth.”– u/Long7time

“I’m in my early 30s and a bit insecure about experiencing ED issues. These pills really give me boners more easily. I’m able to fuck my girlfriend so hard that both of us end up screaming with pleasure.”– u/Slapshot1591

Frequently Asked Questions

BlueChew is a new service that seems to be taking the internet by storm. As such, many people especially men have questions about the service. So, in this section, we will address some of the frequently asked questions that we encountered while writing this BlueChew review. Check them out.

Q: Is BlueChew the same as Viagra?

A: Both of these products are designed to tackle erectile dysfunction problems. However, BlueChew is available as a chewable tablet. It also contains Sildenafil which is the active ingredient in Viagra.

Q: Which is better, Sildenafil or Tadalafil?

A: The two drugs share similar efficacy in improving an individuals’ sexual confidence. However, most men and their partners prefer Tadalafil over Sildenafil. This is probably because Tadalafil remains in the body longer which allows you to have sex at any time.

Q: What is the best time to take my Tadalafil tablets?

A: Medical doctors recommend starting with 2.5 mg. It’s advisable to take the pills at around the same time every day even if you’re not planning to engage in intercourse.

Q: Can I cancel my BlueChew subscription anytime?

A: Yes, you can. You just need to send an email to or simply logging into your BlueChew account and then put it on hold.

Q: How long do BlueChew tablets take to work?

A: The Sildenafil are reported to take around 20 to 30 minutes to kick in. Its effects may last for around four to six hours. Tadalafil, on the other hand, lasts for 24 to 36 hours so you can enjoy intercourse all night long.

Bottom Line

BlueChew is a great alternative to Cialis and Viagra. It’s not only affordable but also very convenient since the tablets are prescribed online and then shipped to your doorstep.

So, overall, it’s a great service and has received many positive reviews all over the internet. However, it has risk factors that are worth checking out before using it.