Andro400 Review

Have you been spending countless hours at the gym but aren’t developing the muscle mass you were hoping for? Or are you struggling when getting intimate with your partner?

If you are a man experiencing the above symptoms, chances are that you are experiencing low testosterone levels. Most men experience this problem as they age, mostly after 40 years. If not checked, it can lead to reduced sexual performance and weight gain.

With sufficient levels of this hormone in your body, your body becomes an automated fat burning machine. Plus, you can feel more energetic and even perform better in bed.

That’s why when we heard about a testosterone-boosting supplement known as Andro400, our interest was piqued.

Does it work? And if does, what kind of long-term results can one expect from it? What are its side effects? Our Andro400 review is meant to help you find answers to all those questions so you can make an informed decision.

Sufficient levels of this hormone would help in burning the fat in the body for more energy plus would also boost your sex drive.

Review: What Is Andro400?

This is a natural dietary supplement that aims to boost the testosterone levels in men. It stimulates your body to release its testosterone, and you are likely to experience some changes as a result of this occurrence.

These changes include:

  • Better sex drive
  • High-quality sleep
  • Increased muscle growth
  • More energy

Any man experiencing low testosterone levels is free to try out this supplement, but it would be more helpful to those in their late 20s, 30s or 40s. Why? Because that’s the stage during which significant changes in testosterone levels occur.


Andro 400 Supplement Facts High QualityThe primary ingredient of Andro400 is the Eurycoma longifolia extract. It’s obtained from a flowering plant which is native to the Indonesian and Malaysian rainforests.

For many centuries, the herb has been used for pain relief, boosting libido, improve male fertility and also to increase energy levels.

The above uses may explain why many testosterone boosters in the market use this herb as their main ingredient.

What’s more, the extract is encaspulated in Vegetarian capsules meaning it’s vegetarian and vegan friendly.

How It Works (The Science Behind It)

As we have already mentioned, there’s just one active ingredient in this relatively popular supplement. But what exactly makes it unique? You might be wondering.

Well, Eurycoma longifolia has been studied and proven to enhance testosterone levels multiple times. In one study,scientists concluded that this is a safe testosterone booster for adult human beings if taken in dosages of less than 500mg per day.

Further, the same study pointed out that Eurycoma longifolia may help in the management of testosterone deficiencies as long as the testes are still intact.

Yet another study appearing on the International Journal of Preventive Medicine notes that the supplementation of this extract at servings of 100mg for 5 weeks may help improve the levels of serum testosterone concentration in healthy men.

However, the scientists behind this study noted that more studies need to be done to determine its perceived benefits on sports performance.

To this end, we can conclude that Andro 400 has all it takes to deliver on its promise since it contains the right active ingredient and in just the right quantities. That is 150mg of Eurycoma longifolia per capsule.

In a nutshell, it:

  1. Boosts testosterone production
  2. Releases unavailable testosterone making it available for use
  3. Limits the amounts of testosterone your body converts into estrogen

How Do You Use Andro400?

Andro400 Pills How to TakeThe Andro400 comes in bottles each containing 60 capsules. It is suited for both men and women, and you are advised to take two capsules only per day.

Even so, women are advised to start with one capsule per day before adjusting the intake according to their needs.

Its natural composition means that the supplement is largely safe to take with other medication. However, you should always consult your doctor before combining it with prescription medicine.

The Results

You can expect to start seeing visible Andro400 results within 2-3 weeks of taking this supplement. However, this time frame varies from one individual to another.

If you feel that it is taking too long for the results to start kicking in, you may take some personal steps to hasten the results such as minimizing sugar intake which is known to slow down testosterone production.

Possible Side Effects

This supplement has an entirely natural composition and therefore has no known side-effects. However, there are some crucial factors that you need to keep in mind.

For instance, although this supplement is generally safe to take alongside other medication, you need to consult your doctor before doing so. You should be particularly keen if you are dealing with a disease that is responsive to hormones.

On top of that, this supplement should be out of bounds for pregnant or lactating mothers.

Also, you should only take this product if you are 18 years and over. Keep in mind that you should store the Andro400 away from children.

Other Things to Note

According to the National Institute of Health, there are some adverse effects of having excessive testosterone production in your body. They include:

  • Excess testosterone can leads to the formation of acne.
  • You’re likely to notice an increase in the rate of growth of body hair.

There are some claims that some users experience dizziness, diarrhea, and bloating after using Andro400. However, we cannot really verify these claims.

Where To Buy

Where bo buy Andro400This product is available on the manufacturer’s official site, and you have four different packages to choose from.

Purchasing from the website has several benefits, including getting the money-back guarantee as well as enjoying the discount benefits.

All the payments will be made via your credit cards or PayPal.

Additionally, this supplement is also available in other sources such as Amazon, Walmart and Walgreens.

Refund Policy and Money-Back Guarantee

If you are worried about incurring losses after purchasing this product, you are surely going to be comforted by the 90-day money-back guarantee.

How does it work? If you have been using the Andro400 for a while without experiencing any changes such as improved libido or higher energy levels, then you can claim a full refund for your money.

The only catch is that you have to return the product (the remnant for that matter) within 90-days, after which you won’t be eligible to make any claim.

You may be surprised as to how smooth the whole process will be, and there will be no tiresome paperwork involved.
Keep in mind that the refund does not include the shipping and handling fees.

What the Manufacturer Claims

When you go through the manufacturer’s official website, you will find a statement that says the Andro400 is a testosterone booster that does not contain any artificial additives.

Also, the manufacturer claims that this supplement could help in weight loss by burning the fat deposits in the body.

Additionally, the statement also claims to boost the user’s sex drive and the energy levels as well.

The statement further clarifies that the above-stated effects are as a result of the Eurycoma Longifolia, which is a medicinal herb found in Eastern Asia.

There could be some truth to the effectiveness of this herb since the International Journal of Preventative medicine points out that there is scientific proof on the efficacy of this herb.

What’s More…

We could also point to the study findings published by the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition that claims the testosterone-booster also contributes to weight loss.

Is It Worth It?

The Andro400 has been in the market since the year 2004. It may not be easy to gather independent reviews on the product, but one thing we cannot take away from the supplement is the excellent reputation it has maintained over the years.

There haven’t been any scandals involving the manufacturer nor have there been any lawsuits or product recalls which is common with some products.

Further, the pricing is not that bad while you may also enjoy the various discount offers on the different packages available.

You may also like the fact that there are no side-effects plus the money-back guarantee should only serve to entice you more into trying out this product.

Alternatives to the Andro400

We also thought we should say something about the top competitors of Andro400. All these products serve to boost the testosterone levels in the body or combating the effects of having low levels in the body.

However, the Andro400 stands out as having one main ingredient, which is the Eurycoma Longifolia.

Let us check out these alternatives.

  • Andro400 Testogen and Nugenix AlternativesNugenix

This supplement is made up of eight different ingredients. If you take more of this product, you may find that it is more effective than the Andro400.

  • Testogen

Just like Nugenix, Testogen comprises of different ingredients, and it is formulated to help in building the muscle mass, boosting your sex drive and your sexual performance as well.

It may be pricier than the Andro400, but this is an investment that would yield faster results.

Note that the dosage of Testogen and Andro400 are similar.

  • Ageless Male

This supplement is made up of four different ingredients, all of which are high-quality and have scientific backing to prove their effectiveness in boosting the testosterone levels in the body.

However, even with four ingredients, the Andro400 comes out as the more effective performer courtesy of the Eurycoma Longifolia being a superior ingredient than the four combined.

  • Prime Male

Although Prime Male comprises of 12 different ingredients, it has some similarities to the Andro400. For instance, the dosage is similar, plus they both stimulate the production of testosterone by the body.

Further, you are likely to experience the effects of this supplement within the same period as the Andro400.


In this section, we are going to dig deeper on the advantages of acquiring the Andro400. Let’s check them out.

Price and Money-back Guarantee

One thing you may appreciate with this product is how affordable it is. Then, the manufacturer goes a step further by offering attractive discounts for the bigger packages.

Also, in case you do not see any results even after using this product, then you can claim your money within ninety days of purchasing the product.

Safety Score

There are also no proven side-effects that are as a result of using this testosterone booster. Also, the formula is safe for use by both men and women, only that you have to consult your doctor first before getting about using the supplement.

The Ingredient

Andro400 Tongkat Ali IngredientThe Andro400 comprises one primary ingredient, which is the herb Eurycoma Longifolia. For many centuries, this herb has been used in southern Asia to relieve pain plus to help in boosting libido and improving sexual performance.

Also, there have been scientific research and studies that prove this herb is, in reality, effective for the uses it is usually subjected to.

Customer Support

When you visit the website, all the customer support details are clearly stated there. The support staff are always there to answer any of your queries plus offer you any guidance that you may need.


We are also going to touch on some of the problems that we could associate with the Andro400.

  • The product doesn’t come cheap
  • Its results aren’t typical (some people take slightly longer than others to see its effects)

Final Thoughts on Andro 400

For many years, the Eurycoma Logifolia, the primary ingredient of the Andro400 has been used for many of its medicinal purposes.

In modern times, research on the herb has indeed proven that the herb possesses some benefits such as weight loss, increasing energy levels, and boosting your sex drive and performance.

So, if you are facing any of the issues we have touched on above, the Andro400 would be your friendly companion
Take your time and read our article as we believe we have touched on every important aspect of the supplement.

Remember to consult your doctor before embarking on using the T-booster since he may easily point out a crucial signal that you may have been missing.

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